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A note on MadAminA!

Since 1980, with the exception of four years (1994-95, 2000-01), we have published MadAminA! in print format . It is with excitement and anticipation that we now turn to cyberspace in the hope that our pages may reach a wider readership than has heretofore been possible. Our aim remains the same as it has always been: to provide information to a wide circle of readers whose only common denominator may be their interest in concert music. Over two decades we have chosen material ranging from the musically topical to the educational and, we hope, the entertaining.

Since some of the articles of the past may be of continued interest and relevance, we publish here a listing of stories and where to find them. Back issues or reprints of individual stories are available on request. Simply e-mail the title of the article and the address to which you wish to have it sent.

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